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Janet Decay (The Mummy) and Grimm Gorri ( The Monkey) are available for Trade Shows, Conventions, and much more.


The Mummy And The Monkey

Season 1 Episode 1 

"King Of The Zombies"

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About Us

"Elvira Meets PeeWee's Playhouse"

 Straight  Outta Cleveland, Janet Decay and Grimm Gorri have joined forces to host  their  show: "The Mummy and the Monkey" in order to continue a local  tradition that spans over fifty years! Influenced by local greats like:  Ghoulardi, Superhost, Big Chuck & Lil' John, as well as nationally  syndicated shows such as: Elvira and Mystery Science Theatre 3000, they  strive to deliver wacky comedy bits and screen cheesy B-movies. Horror  Hosting as you've known it, will never be the same... 

Past events and appearances

  1. Cinema Wasteland
  2. Motor City Nightmares
  3. Horror Hound Weekend
  4. Ghoulardifest
  5. DeBord's Halloween Festival
  6. Wizard World Comic Con
  7. Forest Of Screams
  8. Private weddings and parties
  9. Monster Bash


"Mighty Joe's Son" Joey, Diane and Jessferatu, The Haunted Barn Museum. NYC.

 "One of the highlights of Monsterbash was meeting Janet and Grimm...now we are all wrapped up in a fiendishly furry friendship!!  

Shlock Meister— Cleveland, OH

   "The  Mummy and the Monkey are Cleveland's very own sexy, spooky   spokescouple! Between their on-air antics and event hosting, Janet Decay  and Grimm Gorri provide hours and hours of humorous horror-tainment.  Plus their Thrift Crypt is a family-friendly funhouse of freakish  delights... Everyday is Halloween with M&M!" -- Shlock Meister 

Tom Shewbridge from Tom's Take On Things

 The  Mummy and The Monkey Thrift Crypt is a place that carries pieces of  history, eccentric gift ideas, and things that you miss from the past  and more. James and Janet provide an environment of fun and nostalgia.

Go  take a look. I found a script from The Wizard of Oz, and we also found  an old puzzle of Cleveland. You need to go often as what they have is  always changing!  

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